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During “Harnessing Unertainty – Taking Complexity and Vulnerability Seriously in Integrated Water Resources Management”, it was explored how the present rigid water governance systems might become outdated, and how the concept of resilience can improve and shift the perspective of Integrated Water Resource Management.
The “SIWI Seminar for Young Water Professionals” said that Water Demand Management (WDM) is more than just water savings. It is an approach which aims at securing water – quality and quantity – by controlling the demand. Case studies showed that an interdisciplinary wat of working, which includes all stakeholders and users, including ecosystems, is needed for WDM to work. However, this requires a change of attitude, community involvement, and the use of incentives at all scales.
For the first time, the World Water Week also included several seminars which showcased Swedish technology and approaches in the water sanitation sector. 
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Update : 07-04-2017


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