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Water, food and the Middle East

Another highly appreciated seminar was “Shared Water Problems in the Middle East: Water for Agriculture”. A number of economically invisible and politically silent processes which should facilitate water security were presented. In addition, training and education were emphasised as the tools for creating new “mindsets” on water and agricultural management in the region. For the Euphrates and Tigris basin, the water issue should be included in regional development discussions, it was said, where water will represent one of the aspects in the negociations and dialogues. A related workshop held earlier in the week resulted in a number of proposals for co-operation in the region, including a project for collecting information by academics and NGOs on water resources, including green water, and water use in the region.
The seminar “Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUB): Data, Science and Policy” addressed key issues associated with water development issues in data-sparse environments. Nowhere is this problem more apparent than in Africa – despite having the greatest need for good water strategies, the infrastructure for making the right decisions based on long-term observations is lacking.
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Update : 07-04-2017


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