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In “Questions of Current Interest in Water and Wastewater Treatment” and “Bridging the Gap Between Decentralised and Centralised Water and Sanitation Systems and Services”, it was shown that customer orientation of Swedish products and clear specification of local requirements can facilitate the transfer of sustainable, small-scale water treatment from Sweden to developing countries and countries in transition. Both events were well attended.

The business-oriented Founders Seminar focused on the need for governments, industry and civil society to find new ways of working together to reduce pollution and make clean water available. The common message that emerged from the presentations and the productive dialogue that followed was that public-private partnerships are an investment which can catalyse new and innovative perspectives and solutions to some of the world’s most pressing development problems. But, it takes time to build relationships and establish trust so that such partnerships work.

An unusual side vent was one entitled “The Children’s Water Way”, which brought around 50 children from ages 11 to 20, partly from the Lake Victoria region, to the World Water Week to meet and exchange ideas.

The “SIWI Seminar” which closed the week scrutinised strategies for optimising and sharing benefits of water through integrated approaches.

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Update : 07-04-2017


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