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Happiest of birthdays to my forever

Happiest of birthdays to my forever, built in bestie You are equivalent to having a thousand good friends and I am blessed to be on the receiving end of that. For some reason, when together, we think anything is a good idea and somehow☝we will 100% #nailit no matter the odds against us. I've looked up to you for as long as I can remember and you were always there to drag me along with a smile on your face (any little sister annoyance you may have felt was hidden). We cruised the town long before you had your license, pulling me through town on your banana bike- me in a wagon made for dolls, wheels popping off as we rode on two wheels belly laughing like crazy fools- probably our first hint in life that we would always be more entertained by us than anyone else We figured out to ask for forgiveness before permission- which always ensured we'd start out with adventure + have stories to tell- even if we were grounded‍♀️ meh....can't move family out of home so our fun wouldn't necessarily stop. Now, my babies get a piece of what has always been a constant + positive in my life, having you as an Auntie The belly laughs, the fun, the are a kind, beautiful, creative light that shines through so many Today we celebrate the person you are, the impact you've made, the accomplishments you conquer, and gear up for another year with so much more to come..........Happy Happy birthday sister I may get some of my craziness from following a few footsteps the perks of being the lil' sis. We love you!!!
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Update : 19-01-2018


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